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Sunwen colleagues successfully secured PMP certificate!

Date: 2021/07/27 17:26:00 * Browse: 207

    On June 20, the 4-hour project Management Professional Qualification Examination (PMP) went ahead as scheduled. Sunwen colleagues named Ms.Wendy, Mrs.Xi Du, Mrs.Lisa and Mr.Wu Juntao successfully obtained the PMP certificate!

    PMP is a qualification test organized and developed by PMI(American Project Management Institute), which strictly evaluates knowledge and skills of Project managers.The process of PMP certification is also a systematic process of learning and consolidating project management knowledge.This process will help PMP certified participants to integrate their previous project management experience with their systematic project management knowledge, and to achieve the integration of theory and practice, thereby boost their understanding in project management.

    Behind each honor is the result of our hard work, Let's hear it from there words!

Mrs. Wendy 

'Life is a big project, and the PMP exam is one of them.We should make a good plan.A good plan is half of the success, but also to use rolling mode of thinking way to meet the uncertainty in life and work at any time in order to achieve the goal.In short, we must pay before there is the possibility of return.Learning PMP is a good experience for me.After this study, I will try to better apply PMP knowledge in life and work.

Study PMP,then carefully do a good training class and remember the teacher's knowledge points summary.After class, use the spare time to listen to online courses, so that you can be prepared for the exam.

1) Keep in mind the knowledge points of PMP.

2) Study your own mistakes.

3) To develop your own ideas of solve the problem.

4)  Train your speed in doing exercises.

5) Trust your first instinct.'

Mrs. Xi Du

'Projects are everywhere in life and work.Executing a petrochemical engineering is a project. Scheduling a meeting is a project. Preparing a dinner is another project.For me, this study is more about understanding the thinking mode of project management: how to start a project, what kind of goal to determine, what risks may be involved;What are the requirements and how to plan the schedule and cost according to the requirements?How do you do it? Monitor;What resources to do it and how to do it;What stakeholders are involved;How to finish at the end.Project management teaches us to think systematically: better way to handle projects, coordinate resources, and achieve project goals.

Certificates are never the end of learning, only the proof of current learning ability.Based on the present, looking to the future, it is more important to transform the learning ability into practical ability, practice is the only standard to test the truth.  By studying more deeply and thoroughly, thinking and researching in combination with reality, and discovering problems or deficiencies in practice in time.We can learn and make achievements.'


Mrs. Lisa  

'With respect to continuous increase in company's business volume, continues to increase in projects, the uncertainty of the project is getting higher, the risk is getting higher and higher, and the standardization of project management is the trend. Systematic study of project management knowledge can help us to understand the essence of project management and understand the idea of project management.

PMP is a set of gradually improved theoretical system, including 5 major links of project management and 10 knowledge fields.When you learn about project management, you see everything as a project and you learn how to do something right and get good results.'

Mr.Wu Juntao

'Three months of project management system learning, the benefits are very shallow: the thinking characteristics of project managers is goal-oriented, first of all, to ensure that the target is correct and clear.At the beginning of the project, there will be a general project charter, which defines the objectives of the project and sets the flag, and then all the process will be carried out around this general policy.The project manager plays the dual role of leader and manager at the same time. The leader is to do the right thing, while the manager is to do the right thing, so in the case of determining the right goal, it is necessary to clarify what is right.Under the premise of this goal, progress should be followed up at any time, risks should be controlled, and expected results should be achieved in each process.If not, change is needed, so another quality of goal orientation is to determine the effect.Learning is just to get us started, as to whether we can meet the requirements, we need to form the concept of the whole project management in our mind and apply it to our work and life.'

The genius Albert Einstein once said, 'The will of a man supported by an indomitable faith is more powerful than those seemingly invincible material forces.'No pain,no gain.Give them a round of applause.

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