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Stepping to the beat of youth and accumulating youth energy Create a passionate, progressive, and joyful work environment to lessen stress so that we may focus more effectively on the next task. In order to improve the staff's work life balance, further increase team cohesion, foster teamwork and togetherness, and better serve customers, the Feiting planned the 2023 teambuilding events specifically..

On February 25, around nine o'clock, everyone gathered at the location one by one. Mr. Liang, the facilitator of the team-building exercise,was waiting for us. The teambuilding activity officially began when the staff showed there.


With "1, 2, 1, 2,..." With the loud chanting sound, everyone split into two teams to face each other and smile and shake hands in a friendly manner. Coach instructed , everyone spread out around to form a circle, and then started the first wave of the morning game "How many peach blossoms", The scene was full of laughter, music which quickly shortened the distance between members of various ranks and departments. The games were in full swing, and under the guidance of the coach, we carried out activities such as "Missing One" and "Model Show" one after another.

The teambuilding program was carried out in the form of four teams, which were randomly formed, boldly conceived the name and slogan of their teams, and designed a dance by themselves to show the characteristics and spirit of their teams. Led by the team leader, each team put on different color team uniforms and walked on the stage to show their style.

Frisbee competition

In the afternoon, Coach Liang showed everyone how to play Frisbee and the operation specifications because, as the new sport of the last two years, the threshold of Frisbee is low, easy to learn, and fun, which ignited everyone's strong interest. The Frisbee sport is divided into three parts, respectively for the counting race, time trial, and limit race. The counting game is divided into four scoring points, and each player needs to hold a Frisbee in front of each scoring point, land it, and score. The player with the highest total score wins. The teams jumped on the field one after another, and in the cheers of everyone, the pink team won the game. The time trial gives each team an identical condition, and each team wins if it takes the least time to complete the condition. The extreme race is a competitive race for two teams, two against two, with the players sweating on the field and the crowd cheering incessantly.

Annual Meeting Dinner

After a day of fierce movement, the annual dinner will be selected at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Baile. After all were seated, the host introduced the overall arrangement of the dinner to everyone. The wonderful performance prepared in advance by each department was the first thing that ushered in, and each programme highlighted everyone's dedication and attention, with a warm atmosphere and continuous applause.Next was the most exciting raffle link of this annual meeting. The transparent raffle form made everyone eager to try, and once the rich prizes came out, the scene was full of sighs and envy for the lucky ones this year. After a full meal, the general manager of Feiting, Mr. Wen, made a final summary. 2022 is an unforgettable and profound year; the epidemic is finally gone; the future is promising; although it is hard to pluck a thousand, blowing all the sand to the gold, the road of exhibition is full of thorns, but the collection of efforts will definitely precipitate a dazzling light.

Jinyi World

On the morning of the 26th, the groups gathered and prepared to carry out the Jinyi World Technology Orientation Activity. Each group went to the target address to challenge the level and find the treasure according to the cell phone clues. Everyone ran around all corners of the park and started a race against time.

Gold of the Desert King

As a form of activity to establish a communication bridge between colleagues, improve teamwork ability, and mobilise logical thinking, sand games have become a regular guest of company group building. This year's sandbox game is "desert gold digging" in which everyone is randomly divided into six groups of expedition teams. Each team will get the same reserve money, which will be used to buy various materials for the expedition as it goes deep into the desert to dig for gold. Each team made a plan to adjust their strategy during the marching process time and time again, playing a strong collaborative role within the group, and through the cooperation and mutual benefit of teams outside the group, four groups of expedition teams finally returned from the gold digging successfully. Through the experience of the game, we also discovered the importance of team goal setting and goal management, just as the game and the company do.

The first group construction activities of the SUNWEN INDUSTRY WUXI CO.,LTD this year have been completed in solidarity and friendship with mutual help; the coagulation of the heart gathered force under the warm atmosphere, leading to a successful conclusion. Group construction is a roundabout struggle; a roundabout is the accumulation of ability. Let's stroll together at the beginning of the 2023 yearbook, building a dream of a better future like a rainbow after rain.

The sun is warm; live up to the time; all the way forward, the future can be expected!

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