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Sunwen holds a grand annual party to welcome the New Year of the Dragon

Date: 2024/02/05 11:27:00 * Browse: 13
    On February 3, 2024, SUNWEN INDUATRY held a grand annual meeting in a joyful atmosphere to welcome the upcoming traditional Chinese New Year-the year of the Dragon.

    The annual meeting kicked off Mr. Wen, General Manager of SUNWEN INDUATRY , first introduced the company's development achievements in the past year to all employees, and sincerely thanked the employees for their hard work and positive contributions in the past year. He also looked forward to the company's future development blueprint and boosted the morale of all employees.
    This annual meeting has set up a variety of performances, and exciting programs have been staged in turn, which not only showcased the talents of employees, but also enhanced exchanges and communication among employees. Everyone felt the warmth and cohesion of the Sunwen family in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

    In the new year, we will continue to be committed to innovation and development, keep pace with the times, provide better products and services to global customers and partners, and make unremitting efforts for the company's long-term development.

    We sincerely wish all employees and partners a happy new year and all the best for a better future.