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2021 Xinjiang Hami Tower 50MW CSP Project


        The Hami 50MW Tower CSP Project makes full use of clean solar resources and has excellent environmental performance. In the future, it will contribute 198 million KWH of clean electricity, save 63,000 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 156,000 tons, and reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are 63.5 tons each, and smoke and dust emissions are reduced by 19.8 tons. This power station will be combined with clean energy projects such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation to become a Hami comprehensive energy base that continuously provides clean energy. It is of great significance to promote the localization process of solar thermal power generation, improve the regional energy structure, and drive the economic development of local related industries.

        SUNWEN supplies special high-temperature pipes for the molten salt pipeline system of the project.To ensure that the product is used in an environment of 650°Cmolten salt Maintain long-term stable use under continuous impact conditions.Through this project,we have accumulated good experience in providing accessories for solar photovoltaic panel arrays.

    (An early model of Hami CSP project)

     (Dispatched engineers to cooperate with the installation of piping system on site


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